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Our Partners

Only Being You is fortunate to currently have partnerships with more than 60 nonprofits, projects, and initiatives worldwide. This a list of whom we have most frequently collaborated with. 

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Girls Inc. For Yemen

501(c)(3) Nonprofit

A certified nonprofit jewelry organization, Girls Inc. donates all of its proceeds to the Direct Relief Yemen Fund, which helps Yemen's humanitarian crisis and Yemeni grassroots organizations.


Asians in Focus


Asians* in Focus is an initiative created by NAAPIMHA in recognition that mental health takes many forms. They decided to create a space dedicated to the purpose of telling AANHPI stories, using the full range of artistic expression.


GenZ for Justice

Online Network

GenZ for Justice is an organized network of passionate youth inspiring a generation of social awareness and creativity.


Healing Through Hearts


Healing through hearts aims to bring awareness to the important role medicine plays in our daily lives, our communities, and beyond.


Native Americans in COVID

Online Platform

Native Americans in COVID is an online platform that is dedicated to advocating for the injustices Native Americans face from the effects of COVID-19.


NGN Toronto

International Organization

NGN Toronto is a student-run, international club dedicated to leading change among youth


Sparkling Hearts Foundation

501(c)(3) Nonprofit

Sparkling Hearts Foundation is a student-led nonprofit organization dedicated to improving patients' well-being



App and Online Platform

Revoteen is a centralized platform that connects enthusiastic students to a wide variety of community initiatives and organizations.


Cards 4 Kindness

Global Organization

Cards4Kindness is a global organization, whose aim is to connect individuals that are passionate about creating and sending cards to help support others. Connecting over 820 ambassadors, across 36 countries, Cards4Kindness has sent over 40K cards.


Artivists 4 Change


Artivists 4 Change is a project that is dedicated to using artistic expression to further spread awareness about global issues.


Blog Theories

Online Network

Using creativity, writing, and expression to empower those without a voice.


Minorities 4 Medicine

501(c)(3) Nonprofit

Minorities 4 Medicine is a nonprofit that is focused on empowering minorities through their journey in medicine & shaping the future for racial equity in healthcare.


The Mishy Way

Fashion Magazine

The Mishy Way is a fashion magazine that focuses on empowering and connecting others through fashion.


Rise Inc.

501(c)(3) Nonprofit

RISE is a student-led organization that strives to raise awareness on sex crimes and their impact on victims and communities they are prevalent in.


Dreaming in Color


Dreaming in Color is an organization that is dedicated to making art accessible to all.



Education Website

Talkmaze is an educational website and platform that is focused on encouraging public speaking among youth worldwide.

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