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By Clarissa Cisneros

Not too long ago I came out to my sisters as pansexual. Apparently they didn’t know that I was pansexual, and I had just assumed they did know. About a year or so earlier, I came out to a few friends as bisexual, which is something I feel like needs to be explained a bit more. I don’t usually verbally say how I identify, mainly because I don’t like to.

Labels make me feel confined into one or the another category. Labels are meant to help classify and categorize things, which is probably why I’m personally not very comfortable with using labels. However, labels can also help some find a sense of security in their identity. All in all, I just want people to know someone using labels is equally as valid as someone who prefers to not label themselves with anything.

Ultimately it comes down to the person and how they want to deal with labeling themself. Yet, since labels are so normalized into society, I just wanted to share that it’s okay to ditch labels all together.

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