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No-bake, Egg-free, 3 Ingredient Cheesecake - Vegetarianism

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Hello! My name is Shivani and I am proud to say that I am a vegetarian. Whenever people find out I’m vegetarian, one of their first questions is “What do you eat then? A cold, tasteless salad?” and they would be shocked to find out that it’s far from the truth. Being vegetarian is beyond eating vegetables, but rather, it’s the idea of inventing creative recipes that uses vegetables, fruits, and vegetarian friendly foods to make tasty meals that everyone can enjoy. There are countless times where I would have to awkwardly stare at the people who eat steak and hamburgers while I tried my best to fill my stomach with the provided drinks. By sharing my recipe with the world, I’m hoping that more people start to realize this wonderful lifestyle and try it out!

This no-bake, egg-free vegetarian cheesecake is very simple to make and it has only a couple of ingredients!

You will need…

  • 3 pkg (8 oz) of Cream Cheese

  • 3 cups of Cool Whip 

  • 3/4 cups of regular sugar 

  • 2 Ready Crust Pies 

  • 1 Hand Beater

  • 1 Spatula (All Silicone Spatula is Recommended) 

Step by Step Instruction: 

Step #1: Beat together 3 pkg (8 oz) of Cream Cheese and 3/4 cups of regular sugar on low speed. Beat until all sugar is dissolved and the consistency is smooth. 

Pro Tip: In order to avoid clouding of the sugar, beat Cream Cheese until there are no more lumps and add sugar last. 

Step #2: Using a spatula, fold in 3 cups of Cool Whip and beat until fully mixed. Keep on tasting and adjusting until desired taste. Gently tap it down on a hard surface to avoid air bubbles in filling. 

It should look something like this:

Picture: Amy In the Kitchen 

Pro Tip: To ensure all ingredients are used, use a fully silicone spatula to collect all excess Cream Cheese and Sugar from the sides of the bowel

Step #3: Carefully put into the Ready Crust Pies and store in the refrigerator overnight. Decorate as desired and serve when needed!

Picture: Live Well Bake Often 

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