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Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

By Chaishna Puppala

This Indian movie introduces India’s culture and beliefs in different manners, from gender stereotypes to religious views. Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhhan will be about how a gay couple will fight to be accepted in their family and how being gay in an Indian household brings many issues. 

This story is about how Kartik and Aman who are a gay couple, who were caught that they were gay in a very unexpected manner were almost got separated by Aman’s father. In Aman's sister's marriage, they confessed their love in front of everyone which led to more drama because of their beliefs. Later on in the story, Aman will find out how his mother was also a transgender but got forced to marry Aman’s father. After many rides of Kartik trying to prove that transgender is normal, at the end of the movie there will be the LGBT law passed. And Kartik and Aman will live happily ever after.

This movie shows a touch of Indian culture on the numerous beliefs that a boy and boy cannot marry. Indian culture also thinks that gay marriage can be very unfaithful. It is found to be very difficult for people like this to find acceptance by their families, and it is difficult to see them getting discriminated against by their own families. But after the transgender law came out in 2019, life has been easier for both transgender and gay people as they have more freedom and rights. Statistically, there has also been more acceptance from families as well after this law has been published.

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