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Healing Through Hearts

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

By Healing Through Hearts

December 31st, 2019. Many people were out celebrating with their loved ones as the world welcomed in a new year, a new decade. Fireworks lit up the skies, champagne stained wood floors, and families gathered around their TVs to watch the festivities. Hopes were high for the new decade, with multitudes hoping for new beginnings or a continuation of their fortune. On the same day, however, was the beginning of what would dictate our lives for the next year. 

The first report of COVID-19 arrived from Wuhan, China, on December 31st, 2019. Cases of this previously unknown strain of coronavirus had been cropping up throughout the Hubei province of China, with the first known case dating back to November 17, 2019. What was initially viewed as a containable disease quickly went global, spreading from continent to continent. Millions were suddenly out of a job; healthcare workers became inundated with patients; and workers, previously dismissed as “low-skilled,” were reclassified as “essential” and risked their lives in their jobs. It was as if the world came to a complete stop on a micro level; but on a macro level, more was happening than ever. 

Amidst this tense atmosphere, two teenagers in a northern Virginia suburb developed a vision. Their shared interest in medicine and concern surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the conception of an organization: Healing Through Hearts. Initially conceived as a club for their school, it expanded into a youth-run organization with volunteers from across the U.S. Healing Through Hearts’ resolve is simple: to spread medical knowledge and to encourage young people to pursue careers in healthcare. Health knowledge is extremely uneven and limited for young people in America, and often changes school by school. This lack of knowledge has potential for immense harm as one grows older; a blind spot in one’s medical knowledge would not only hurt an individual, but countless others as well. Healing Through Hearts aims to bridge this gap in medical knowledge through accessible resources and grassroots organization, allowing for community members to have more hands-on involvement.

With a dedicated team and an enthusiastic community backing us, Healing Through Hearts strives to become a reliable and impactful medical organization for local communities all across the country. To join us, follow us on instagram (@healingthroughhearts) and stay tuned for future opportunities!

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